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API Reference / keywordtool / get_keyword_niches
Module: keywordtool      Method: get_keyword_niches

Description:Suggests a set of keyword niche groups and their associated keywords based on a set of input seed terms.
Invocation URL:https://api.wordstream.com/keywordtool/get_keyword_niches?seeds=[...]&max_niches=[...]&session_id=[...]&callback=[...]&block_adult=[...]
API Unit Rate: 1 API Unit per niche
Argument Name Description
seeds Seed keywords for which to retrieve associated niches
max_niches The maximum number of niches to suggest (max 2500)
session_id Token which represents your id for this login
callback An optional Javascript callback function where data will be returned, if this is omitted, the data will be returned as a JSON formatted string
block_adult Optional boolean value ('true'/'false') used to filter adult keywords
Return: {'total': number_of_suggestions,
'groupings': [{'title': display_label, 'score': score, 'wordlist': [query_word, ... , query_word], 'matches': [keyword_index, ... , keyword_index]}],
'keywords': [[keyword, relative_volume], ... , [keyword, relative_volume]]}
Note: keyword_index refers to the array position in the 'keywords' dict element.
Sample code: View Sample Code