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Introduction to the WordStream API

Welcome to the WordStream API documentation. This content tree pertains to the WordStream API usage as well as other related information. The WordStream API is exposed through secure HTTP and provides all responses in the following format:


Where callback is the name of a javascript callback function, and json_response is a JSON response object. We recommend using the JQuery javascript library to invoke calls to the WordStream API. Our formatted responses are designed to work optimally with the JQuery getJSON method.

Looking for Search Volume Data?
WordStream's proprietory Relative Keyword Volume data is an effective and useful representation of search volumes across large keyword sets. This data is a good substitute for Google volume data and is leveraged by our own proprietary tools and by our API partners.

Please note: WordStream cannot provide Google search volume data via our API per Google's policies.

Try it for yourself or call us for more information 855.967.3738.